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13 reports about 301-200-5785

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FTC 30th Aug, 2012+0
I got a text from this number and the next day $840 was taken off my card.
sparky 20th Aug, 2012+0
Citibank seems to dial many number at once and the first person to answer gets the human being on the other line. Others get the hang up! An obnoxious system!
zzz 28th Jun, 2012+0
These are criminals. Nothing they tell you is real. There is no Harrison Law least not at this magicjack phone number. Do not give them any information. The best thing you can do is simply hang up and report these criminals to the police. It appears to me that this scam is connected to instant loan. Payday loans, Tax refund loans, etc. This is how they got your information. If you have recently obtained a loan of this type, report the lender to the police. The lender has sold your personal information to the criminals using this magicjack phone number to operate a scam. **** IMPORTANT ***** This is a scam being run by criminals. ***** IMPORTANT ******
T Zellmer 6th Jun, 2012+0
calls night & day but no one there. calls from 6am till midnite est. get "mailbox full" message when you call back and then hangs up on you. what's the point of this? does the austin, tx police dept need to be notified to stop this harassment? ridiculous
jalvis 22nd Apr, 2012+0
i get at least ten calls a day from this number
HotAire 24th Feb, 2012+0
I get two calls a day from this number. They hang up if I answer, but leave long messages on my voicemail if it picks up. I've called the telemarketing numbers they leave to tell them to take me off their lists, but it is never the same one twice. This number is supposed to be protected from telemarketing.
denice 4th Feb, 2012+0
woman with accent called, husband answered. she asked for me by name but then hung up when he asked her name
hopalong 15th Jan, 2012+0
They call several times a day debt collector I think and leave message. If this is a true debt the cowards should send a letter. I guess this is a way of not abiding by the Fair Credit Act enacted by Congress maybe they should reinvestigate them. Seems to me they will keep calling even you aren't the person they seek and that way you can't really report them for breaking the law. Also, the credit bureaus work with them thoroughly as I get my report regularly and updates on who checked my credit and this company keeps coming up. They actually checked my credit. Soft pull. Gues they found out it wasn't me but who is feeding them information. This is causing rogue collection agencies to break every law in the book short of getting caught. This company should be fined.
Krysia 4th Jan, 2012+0
This is the fourth time this week that I've received a call not ansswered when viewed on Caller ID from Market Strategies number listed above. I WANT THIS TO STOP NOW AND these calls come during the dinner hour and early evening. There is no message left.
Allison Reese 5th Nov, 2011+0
They kep calling my cell. I don't answer. Who are they?
conan burress 30th Aug, 2011+0
Caller ID said Homestead FL
legalgirl 24th Aug, 2011+0
repeated calls all times day or night then hangs up upon answer.
seylee 21st Aug, 2011+0
I keep recieving calls from this number,and when i dont know a number, i normally google it to see who it is. But the one time i got a message it was music playin , other than that they dont leave messages. .. I dont know what they want but its annoying..

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